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Welcome to Baltimore!

Centrally located in the heart of the Beazer/Ranchleigh communities and conveniently close to many other parts of the Greenspring area, EruvInn is the perfect accommodation for your next visit to Baltimore!

Coming for a Simcha? A Yom Tov? Or just a visit with family and friends. This is the spot you have been looking for in the Eruv!

  • Master Bedroom (Two full size beds)

  • 2nd Bedroom (Two twin size beds)

  • Den with sitting area and smartTV

  • Full Bathroom (Tub/Shower)

  • Kosher Kitchen (Coffee Machine, Two Microwaves (meat/milk), Refrigerator/Freezer , Double Sink, Shabbos/Yom Tov Urn, Shabbos/Yom Tov Hot Plate, Basic supplies)



Central to Ranchleigh/Beazer/Greenspring


Stocked with everything you need!


(2) Twin, (2) Full, Air Mattress, pack&play! 

We can't wait to host you!

A short walk from several popular Synagogues (Shuls) and a manageable walk from many others, this is the perfect spot to be your home base for your next visit to Baltimore.

The EruvInn has a private entrance, and the upper floor is used only on weekdays as an office.

Comfortable, clean, stocked with the basics (Yes... we have a Kureg and even include some K-Cups and teas) the EruvInn gives you way more than a Hotel would, at a better rate, and in a walkable location in the middle of the community. 

Jewish Man Praying

Nearby Shuls

Just some of our walkable Shuls!

  • Bais Medrash of Ranchleigh (R' Naiman) - 1min

  • Chabad (R' Kaplan) - 6min

  • Mercaz Torah U’Tefillah (R' Eichenstein's) - 8min

  • Ner Tamid (R' Motzen) - 13min

  • Meor HaTorah (R' Wein) - 10min

  • Kehilath Bnai Torah (R' Seidemann) - 10min

  • Aish Kodesh (R' Kostelitz) - 10min

  • Or Yisrael (R' Rubin) - 16min

  • Shomrei Emunah (R' Marwick) - 17min

  • Ohel Moshe (R' Teichman) - 21min

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Chala'day Ready

Local Kosher Food

​Perhaps you are coming for a Simcha?

To visit family? Or maybe, you're visiting Baltimore!?

The EruvInn has everything you need to feel at home between meals or even as your home base. A hot plate, urn, two Kosher Microwaves (Meat/Milk) and full size fridge gives you all the options. Baltimore has a number of Kosher Take-Out options and Kosher grocery stores for any scenario. If you need ideas, we will be glad to suggest options!

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In The Eruv

In the heart of Frum Baltimore

This aint little old Baltimore you may remember from years past. Baltimore has grown, alot, and continues to grow year after year!

The EruvInn is situated in between some of Frum Baltimore's fastest growing neighborhoods. 

Ranchleigh, Beazer, Indian Village, Greenspring, if you need to be walkable to these areas and others, this is the spot!

We look forward to hosting you!

Contact | 443-470-6131

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